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We Provide Resolution Through Mediation And Agreement.

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About us

Legal Information Meeting

We offer legal consultancy. Our consultants are all fully trained and have many years experienced in Family Law. 

We offer an information session from only £99.00 - £200 depending on the amount of time booked. 

This is a private confidential information meeting so you can find out where you stand before going any further. 

Mediation Service

We offer a mediation service. The first stage is to attend a pre mediation meeting so we can assess your situation. The cost of this ranges from £99.00 - £125.00 depending on the time of day or if an evening appointment is needed. This is a confidential one to one meeting at that stage.  

Following this we would offer joint meetings. The cost of the joint meetings is from £150.00 to £200 each for 90 minutes we allow 120 minutes in total but the remaining is to prepare a note of the discussions at the 90 minute meeting.  For more information please refer to our page, costs, terms and conditions >

Mediators and Qualifications

All our mediators are accredited. They have all undertaken their mediation training with accredited training organisations and so are entitled to offer mediation. Since training our mediators have also gained years of experience in mediating and preparing agreements.  Our mediators offer an independent service to keep costs down and services more flexible and efficient. 

Our mediators are registered with a professional organisation contact us if you need any further information.  

If you have any queries then please do not hesitate to contact us in the first instance and then our professional organisation. 

Our mediators are trained to help families find solutions on separation or divorce. The type of concerns we mediate daily arise as a result of separation, divorce, financial settlement and child arrangements. We also offer civil mediation this can be related to a Neighbour dispute, Wills, Inheritance, community or workplace mediation and related to debts. 


We use online services and meeting rooms at various locations covering the UK. 

At this time we are working remotely due to Covid-19. We are offering meetings by zoom / other online platforms or telephone conference. Contact us for a free consultation to discuss which is the best option for you. 

Online Service:

We use video conferencing for virtual meetings covering the the extent of the UK. This service is very convenient for clients and saves travelling time and taking time away from home or the office.

Please read the information on this page in conjunction with the page headed terms, conditions, costs and complaints. Please contact us for more information. Click Here>