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We Provide Resolution Through Mediation And Agreement.

On a daily basis we help separated families reach mutual agreements in relation to separation, divorce, dividing property, pensions, money and child arrangements.

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What is Mediation?

Are you facing a separation or divorce? 

Are the child arrangements an issue between you both? 

If so then you need a fast resolution to end a difficult situation.

Our mediator's are trained to help you achieve a fast and low cost resolution to your situation. Mediation, also known as ADR, Alternative Dispute Resolution is encouraged by the Courts. For child matters and applications for financial settlement within divorce you cannot make an application to court until you have attended mediation first. Finding a mediator and going to mediation is your first step towards dispute resolution. Mediation is less stress and less cost than attending the family court or using solicitors.

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What is the cost? How do I arrange mediation?

Step 1) Call us for your Free Consultation.

Step 2) Book your pre-mediation meeting each. Cost £90.00. (Offer)

Step 3) Joint meetings. Cost £150.00. (Up to 60 Minutes) (Offer)

Step 4) Preparing any agreements. Cost from £250.00 upwards.

Impartial - Mediators are impartial. The mediator does not take sides and is always there for both of you. We are here to provide direction and support to both. We are able to provide legal information that may assist both of you consider the options at mediation.

Confidential - All information is kept confidential and secure. We strictly follow UK GDPR law and UK legislation. The only time we will ever share information is when required by law.

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Why Choose Mediation and why choose us?

On average Family Mediation takes 6 Weeks from start to finish. The average cost -three meetings and preparing an agreement £750.00 each. Compare this to a Court Application that takes on average 1 Year for Finances and/or Children. Average cost £20-30,000. We specialise in helping families who are in dispute about child arrangements, separation, divorce and financial matters. We help them obtain solutions/agreements and place those solutions /agreements in writing. The practice opened in 2016 and is managed by Beth, Liz and Ann, all are trained lawyer-mediators. That means they have a full knowledge of family law and have law degrees as well as being trained as family mediators. Since opening our services have been so well received that we have over 250, 4 and 5***** reviews online. We are one of the top rated family mediation services in England. As a one-stop shop you can get help with everything you need for your divorce or separation, from mediation to legally binding agreements. Research shows that 9 out of 10 of our clients leave us having reached agreement. We encourage our clients to reach agreement and provide them with a trained lawyer-mediator to help them facilitate this. Mediation is known to be a very cost effective and fast method of reaching solutions after separation.

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Mediation for Child Arrangements

Fully Mediated Parenting Plans or agreements​ prepared. Or agreements can be made legally binding in a Child Arrangements Order by consent.

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Mediation for Separation and Divorce

Mediation for Separation and Divorce. 

We help you identify the issues and mediate an agreement in relation to separation, financial settlement and child arrangements.

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Mediation for Financial Settlement

We help you obtain financial information from your ex partner. We consider with you both how to fairly divide your assets. Agreement then prepared.

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​Legal Services


Fixed Fee Divorce Service.

Are you ready to divorce? This will have been discussed at mediation. Who will divorce who and on what basis? For an undefended divorce. All divorce papers prepared by us.  The Divorce is a three staged process. 

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Financial Consent Order Service

Have you reached agreement. Do you want to formalise your agreement at court? Fixed Fee preparation of your Agreement /Financial Consent order and related forms for issuing at court. This is the process of formalising your financial agreement.

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Separation Agreement

Fixed Fee preparation of your Separation Agreement for your approval. This is an open legal document. This type of agreement is for those not married or who do not want to divorce yet but want an agreement related to financial settlement. 

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Please note that we cover all major cities in England. 

Barristers review after mediation.

Do you want to ensure the agreement you have reached at mediation is fair? Instruct an independent family law barrister to give you advice and explain to you what would be a likely outcome at court on your case.

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The Mediators at Family Law Mediation Consultancy are highly rated professional mediators. Over 200 reviews online.