Online And Meeting Room Services In All Major Cities In England.

We Provide Resolution Through Mediation And Agreement.

Our Terms, Conditions and Service Costs.

Opening Hours:

We offer both daytime and evening appointments. We are open from 8am to 8pm from Monday to Friday and Saturday from 9am to 1pm.

Legal Aid: Please note that we do not offer legal aid. We are a private independent company. However, we keep our fees low and do provide a discount for those on a low income. Ask us for more information. 

1) We offer an initial free consultation.

Free initial 15 minute consultation.

2) Mediation Meetings

Pre-Mediation Meeting £99.00 to £125.00. (Check our home page for offers)

Individual Meeting £150.00 - £200.00. (Check our home page for offers)

Joint Meetings £150.00 - £200.00 per person depending on the length of the meeting and time of day. Meetings are £200 each during the evenings and weekends.  Meetings are paid for in advance and the time is then booked in our diary. If there is a failure to give us adequate notice of a cancelled meeting then we reserve the right to charge for the missed meeting. We do not offer refunds as once the time is booked it must be paid for. (Check our home page for offers)

Summary / Documentation fees:

Unless otherwise discussed and agreed with you prior to work being undertaken, we charge set fees for these, as follows:

Mediation summary fees - £200.00 per person, per summary. Mediation summaries include the following:

Memorandum of understanding, which is a confidential document to record background information, joint proposals.

Open financial summary, which records the details of any financial disclosure undertaken in mediation.

Other mediation document fees -£200.00 per person, per document. Other mediation documentation includes the following:

Statement of Outcome, which is a confidential document which records joint proposals is £200.00.

3) For fixed fee option for mediation

A fixed fee is often offered after the initial meeting. Fixed Fees are paid prior to the work commencing and once we start work we do not offer a refund. 

4) Agreements

Parenting Agreement £500.00 - £1500, the cost depends on how much time is needed to agree the content of the document. If matters are already agreed then the cost is no more than £500 each. If mediation and time to agree matters is needed then the cost overall will include the mediation meetings to achieve agreement. (Ask us for any promotional offers on this price)

Separation Agreement from £500 - £3500. Depending on if you already have an agreement. Or how much time is needed to agree the content of the agreement and prepare the document.

If maters have already been agreed then the cost is no. more than £500 each. If mediation is needed first then the costs is higher. (As us about any offers on this price)

5) Divorce Service

£300.00 - plus any court fees or other third party fees. 

6) Financial Consent Order

From £500 to £750 each depending on the complexity. 

7) Payment Methods

we take payments by Bank Transfer or Debit / Credit Card only.

8) Terms:

Fees for privately paying clients are charged separately, per person.

Appointment fees are payable 2 full working days in advance of the appointment.

Summary/documentation fees are due in advance of the mediator starting work on the document/s. Our preferred method of payment is bank transfer. Bank details will be emailed to you when we confirm your appointment.

9) Cancellation fees:

For the cancellation of pre arranged meetings, we require 7 full days notice. Failing this we reserve the right to charge. Please note that for joint sessions this means the full fees for both clients.

10) Concerns or complaints about our service:

If you have any concerns about our service then the starting point is to reread our service agreement. This was sent to you prior to using our services.  A copy can be found here >