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We Provide Resolution Through Mediation And Agreement.

Our Fees and our Fixed Fee Packages.

Family Mediation and Agreement Fees.

Hourly rates as below vary depending on if its a daytime, evening or weekend meeting.

Pre-Mediation Meeting.

Time up to 40 minutes. 

Cost each. 

From £99.00 - £125.00

Joint Meeting / Currently by telephone / video conference.

Time up to 90 Minutes.

Cost each. 

From £150,00  - £200.00

Agreement only after mediation meetings.

Parenting Agreement

Or Separation Agreement 

Cost each person. 

From £350.00 - £750.00.

Post Mediation Paperwork.

Mediation Summary

Open Financial Summary

Memorandum of Understanding


Per document Each person.

Arranging your signed Form and Fee.

Signed Form For court.

Each person.


Civil Mediation Meeting.

Meeting / 90 minutes.

Each Person.


Below are the most common fixed fee packages. Contact us for more information. We will work out a fixed fee package for your particular requirements.

Mediation, Separation and Child Arrangements 

Package One: £950.00 each

This is for separating parties who need a divorce, have no assets to divide but need the arrangements for the children placed in a parenting agreement. So a divorce only and parenting agreement. 

What is included in the fixed fee:

An initial meeting each

Up to 4 hours of joint mediation sessions

Professional parenting agreement prepared by your mediator

A divorce manager will then open a case file for you and will manage the whole process from the divorce petition to decree absolute. This is on the basis that you both agree to divorce and on what basis at mediation.

Additional cost if required:

If you wish to have your Parenting Agreement formalised by the court then we can do this by preparing your application to court and converting your parenting agreement into a draft Child Arrangements Order. This can then be sent to court with an application for the court to approve. This is a paper exercise usually unless the court have any questions and so want to speak to you. 

Additional Cost £300.00 each. 

Court Fee: £215.00.00.

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Mediation, Separation, Financial and Child Arrangements  Package Two: £1500 each

This is suitable for separating parties who want a either a Separation Agreement and Parental Agreement. Or want a divorce and need help agreeing on the financial arrangements. This will include a managed divorce and a legally binding clean break consent order.

What is included:

An initial meeting each:

Up to 6 hours of joint mediation sessions

Financial memorandum of understanding and Parenting Agreement. Separation Agreement. Or a divorce managed on your behalf. We will open a case file for you and will manage the whole process from petition to decree absolute. On the basis you both agree to the content and the divorce.

A drafted legally binding financial consent order

Pension sharing order included where required

Consent order and full application sent to you for approval, any amendments included and then ready for you to file at court.

Full financial disclosure exchanged within the process. 

Additional cost if required: 

Court fees for the Divorce and Financial Consent Order on filing at court. £550.00 Divorce and £55.00 for the application to approve the financial consent order at court. 

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Mediation and Child Arrangements Order

Fixed Fee Package Three: £750.00 each

For those who want to mediate on just the child arrangements. On agreement for agreements to be formalised at court. 

What is included in the fixed fee:

An initial meeting each

Up to 2 hours of joint mediation sessions

Your agreements recorded in writing, we would then incorporate your agreements into a draft child arrangements order prepared by consent. We would prepare your application on Form C100 all for your approval. Any amendments are included. Once approved the application and draft child arrangements order / consent order is filed at court for the Judges approval. 

Additional Costs: Court Fee £215.00.

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Fixed fee mediated divorce. All our divorces are agreed at mediation and managed for you by a divorce manager from drafting the divorce petition to decree absolute. Parties would agree who should divorce who, on what basis at mediation so this is a fully managed non disputed fast divorce that you can both live with.

Divorce package £250.00 - £1,000,

This is for the completion of the divorce forms only. It does not include mediation or financial settlement. 

Financial Consent Order

To go with your divorce. A legally binding and fully mediated clean break consent order. Drafted by a legal  manager and ready to submitted to court for the Judges approval. The fixed fee also includes the related documents such as your Form A and a pension sharing annex if needed.

Consent order package £500 -£750.00 each. 

This does not include mediation but the preparation of your financial consent order. This will be prepared along with two other forms for your approval and be ready to send to court. 

​Separation Agreement

A legally binding deed of separation can be prepared to reflect your agreement prior to divorce or for parties who were not married but have joint assets or children. Or for parties who are not yet ready to divorce but want a legal document to reflect their agreements. 

Separation Agreement package £500 -£750.00.

This does not include mediation but the preparation of your agreements being incorporated into a legally binding Separation Agreement.  The cost is for each person. 

What our customers are saying

I received an excellent service from this company. They were very professional and knowledgeable from start to finish. A one stop shop, we used their mediation service, on agreement they then prepared all the necessary paperwork to conclude matters for us. The service is very low cost compared to having two lawyers, easier as we could talk frankly and directly to each other about settlement. Finally the service was very fast and effective. All done in 8 weeks. Very pleased and I would highly recommend.