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Family Court Representation and Case Management

Need help with court representation

Going to court can be stressful and expensive. We offer an alternative to paying Solicitors costs. The alternative is case management. Under the case management option all of your documents for court are prepared in a professional way. This will put forward your case / position in the best possible light. This could be for divorce and separation. The financial settlement and child arrangements. 

We have specialists who are experienced in preparing all of the paperwork needed in family law matters.  We also work with excellent direct access family law barristers who will represent you at court. Your barrister will be chosen for their proven legal ability and excellent court skills.

Fixed Fee Management option

You only pay what we agree on at the outset as a fixed fee and there are not hidden costs.

You can also choose when you will need the fixed fee such as for a level of work from a  consultant such as to prepare an application, witness statement and index and court bundle of documents. Or you do some of the work yourself to save on costs and we do the rest.  We are able to assist with either option and offer you a fixed fee. We will help you from the commencement of your case through to the end of your case and you decide what level of service you want. 

Book your initial  free consultation about our service then book your legal information meeting for £125.00

The free consultation will provide you with basic information about our service and we will assess if we can help you. If we can help you we will then recommend an information session so we can discuss your matter in much more detail. 

This involves you speaking to one of our trained family law consultants and explaining your situation in full detail . We will then provide you with legal guidance about your case. We will make recommendations and by the end of the meeting we will have discussed ongoing costs with you and a fixed fee option. We will put the costs details and what is involved in writing and if you wish to proceed we will then progress matters from thereon. 

Fixed Fee / Case Management

Should you then wish to engage us to manage your case and we have agreed a fixed fee option. 

For example, a fixed fee option depending on agreement may include, all advisory work and administrative work from the commencement of you case to various stages depending on how much help you need. This option may include the drafting of all court applications, statements and paperwork, dealing with and responding to all correspondence, unlimited telephone & email support and advice during the agreed duration of the fixed fee option. Contact us for more information.