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Domestic Abuse and my experience

I lived with domestic abuse, controlling and coercive behaviour for 7 years. The coercive control was a pattern of acts I was subjected to which included assault, threats, humiliation, intimidation or often he would abuse me by the use or punishing, harming or frightening me. I took this for years but when he started hurting my son I made a decision to find out how I could legally leave with my son. I booked a confidential meeting with a Lawyer-Mediator. I was provided with information on my rights and we discussed options. This was invaluable to me. I am so grateful. I began to then consider what steps to take and with the help and information from my lawyer-mediator, my confidence began to grow. I felt more in control.  I am now free and feel safe with my son. (Client Stories) 

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Legal information about domestic abuse

Are you suffering like Sue above? The damage that can be done by violent and abusive behaviour is visible and invisible. Bruises and cuts may mend, but damage to self-esteem, confidence and inner strength can be devastating to you and your children. Contact us for more information about seeking civil Injunction Orders. Both men and women suffer from Domestic Abuse if you are either then contact us for a confidential information meeting. 

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Or have you feel you have been unfairly served with a Civil Injunction Order / Papers and need help contact us on what to do about it?

Are you being kept out of your home unfairly?  We can help sort out the situation.

An emergency set of papers served on you may not be a barrier to contact with your children and you may want help in getting to the bottom of the allegations. Contact us to find out where you stand from £99.00.