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Child Arrangements

After separation I left the family home to visit my ​family. When I returned I found that the children had been taken away without my consent and I did not know where my ex partner had taken them. I was concerned that the children had been taken away without my consent and that I would never see them again. I wanted to know my rights. So I booked an information meeting for only £125.00. I was given accurate legal information which enabled me to take action to get my children back urgently. I am so grateful and what a relief to get the kid back. Jill (Client stories)

Domestic Abuse and my experience

I lived with domestic abuse, controlling and coercive behaviour for 7 years. The coercive control was a pattern of acts I was subjected to which included assault, threats, humiliation, intimidation or often he would abuse me by the use or punishing, harming or frightening me. I took this for years but when he started hurting my son I made a decision to find out how I could legally leave with my son. I booked a confidential meeting with a Lawyer-Mediator. I was provided with information on my rights and we discussed options. This was invaluable to me. I am so grateful. I began to then consider what steps to take and with the help and information from my lawyer-mediator, my confidence began to grow. I felt more in control. I am now free and feel safe with my son. ZD

Domestic Abuse

My wife was abusive towards me and the children

I did not know what to do so started by calling a family law mediator. I received a free initial consultation and ​was was provided with all the information I needed to consider matters for the protection of myself and the children. Great services.  Steve

We lived together for 21 years but never married

The house was in my ex's name. I paid half of everything but my ex initially disputed this when we separated. I contacted mediation and the mediator then helped us both work out a fair solution. A Separation Agreement was prepared to concluded the process. I found out the hard way that it would have been wise for me to make sure my name was on the house deeds, or that I should of had a deed of trust prepared when buying the house to reflect my equal contribution towards the purchase, this would have prevented any potential dispute later. The mediators costs were low, less than £2,500 all inclusive of the mediation and final agreement. I also got a quote from a Lawyer to go to court at around £30,000 to deal with a “TLATA” (Trusts of Land and Appointment of Trustees Act 1996) claim. Thank god the mediation worked and was so cost effective. thank you. (JM)


I contact Mediation about Divorce. I had been in an abusive relationship for years. I had a free initial consultation and then took a fixed fee option for divorce. I received a direct line and email address for my consultant and felt very supported. The fixed fee service allowed me to feel in control of the costs as I knew from the outset how much it would cost and that there would be no hidden extras. My divorce was dealt with online and in a fast and efficient way. Very impressed - Jane

Protecting your interests and Separation

I was not married but lived with my ex partner for 19 years. Everything was in his name as he always dealt with the finances. We separated and I felt like I had nothing! He also stated I had nothing as it was all in his name. I told him we both contributed but he would not listen to me. I booked an appointment and we started mediation at the end of this we reached agreement and an agreement was prepared by the mediator. We were both happy with this and the fact that we settled matters out of court and in an amicable way. EM

Child Arrangements

We argued continually about the child arrangements.

This was very upsetting for all of us. We then decided to go to family mediation as things were getting worse. We saw a mediator and both put forward our suggestions. We both work full time but wanted to share the care of our children equally. At mediation we decided to try alternate weeks. The children were happy with this and so were we. This solution cut down on the collections and returns and has stopped any further arguing between us. We had a Parenting Agreement prepared at the conclusion. We were both really thankful to the mediator for the end result. Stew


When my partner and I of 18 years separated she was like a different person. She asked me to leave our home and she put restrictions on me seeing our three children. I did not feel this was fair as I had always shared the care of our children. The children also said they wanted to see me for half the week. My ex partner would not agree. I made an appointment and we started a course of mediation. This was excellent and by the end we reached a solution that we were both happy with. Ray

We were separated but not ready to divorce, but we needed to divide our assets so we could both buy new properties.

I contacted mediation and our mediator then helped us both work out a fair solution. A separation agreement was prepared once matters settled at mediation. We had one separate meeting each to start with and then three joint meetings to go through our financial information and to exchange proposals for settlement. Our mediator helped us focus on our needs such housing and consider our income and expenditure. This helped both of us assess what we could each afford and how much we needed for our deposits and to live each month. The brainstorming / discussions were really useful. By the end of the meetings we reached a mutual agreement. Our mediator then prepared our agreement. We opted for a separation agreement so we had a formal documents. Within that we opted to divorce once we had separated for a least two years. We were very happy to have resolved matters. Jem

My ex partner told me she was moving abroad and taking the children in 7 days time and to say goodbye!

I was so distressed and anxious about the situation. I telephoned Mediation and Consultancy for information. The consultant I spoke to was extremely helpful and calmed me down straight away. As my ex was planning to leave the following week and it was urgent mediation was not appropriate. I was assisted by using their urgent case management option. This allowed for an urgent application to court for a prohibited steps order. This is an order preventing the taking of the children out of the UK without my consent or order of the court. I also applied for a specific issue order to prevent my ex taking the children out of school. The case management option was very cost effective and they helped with urgent action taken the same day. Very fast and effective and just what I needed to prevent child abduction. Lee